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Estel Consulting, an expert team in aviation and logistics that offers high value solutions in consultancy and engineering in the planning and management of airports and heliports, in supporting bidding processes and in the development of opportunities for the improvement and growth of companies.


With an experience of more than 30 years in the aviation and industrial sector, we have developed studies and projects in more than 40 countries, with references in more than 100 airports on the 5 continents.


Estel Consulting is characterized by our high commitment to clients and collaborators, in their needs and objectives, with a style of relationship and work based on trust, transparency and continuous dialogue.

In a global market, our objective is to build and consolidate a long-term relationship with our clients and collaborators, as a basis for progress and mutual satisfaction.

Estel Consulting works in the world

We have participated in major international airport projects, in the process of expanding and modernizing their infrastructures.

Optimizing air transport to improve the mobility of the population is a challenge that must be faced by an expert company.

Spain - Belgium - Morocco - United States - Peru


Airport and Heliport Planning and Design

Our proposal is framed within the world of Air Transport, particularly in airports and heliports, passenger terminals and cargo centers, its logistics, its operational information systems and innovation. Estel Consulting supports both well-established companies and other newly created ones. It accompanies them throughout the process that a new infrastructure requires from the analysis of optimization of the site and the first dimensioning, the projects, execution of the works, commissioning and certification.

Support in Airport Bidding Processes, Business Plans and Start-ups

Estel Consulting specializes in supporting bidding processes for airport services. On one hand, we ensure that all requirements of the tender specifications are covered, both in the administrative and technical documentation, as well as in the economic and solvency documents. On the other hand, we support in the analysis of the viability and profitability of the bidding project. We also support our clients, being involved in the start-ups of the projects where they win.

Logistics, Supply Chain, Operations and Systems

Extensive track record in all types of organizations, with the clear goal of optimizing their resources and improving customer service levels. With our own methodologies, we improve the company's efficiency through a cross-cutting approach that aligns operations with the business vision.

Innovation is often associated with happy ideas in moments of great inspiration, but requires "rational, premeditated, systematic and organized" work.

Peter F. Drucker ”Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice and Principles"


Barcelona Airport (2000-2008)

Design, construction and commissioning of the Barcelona Airport (New Terminal T1 and 3rd runway). The Estel Consulting team has been part of the consultancy area (Strategic Planning, Product Development, Integration of Architecture and Engineering in Terminal Areas) of the Executive Office of the Barcelona Plan (AENA), Board of airport infrastructure studies (3rd runway, the new TWR and the new terminal T1), project management, construction management and commissioning coordination (Barcelona Airport convergence workshops – Operational Transition Office).

Support in Airport Bidding Processes

We have participated in the last 10 years in more than 20 national and international tender projects and for more than 50 airports in Spain, France, Portugal, Morocco, Belgium and Italy.

The main areas of our experience are ground handling services, the management and operation of FBO Corporate Aviation Terminals and other passenger services, such as information services and passenger services with reduced mobility -PRM-

Extension of the heliport of the Doctor Josep Trueta University Hospital (2019-2020)

Planning, Projects and Construction Management for the expansion, certification and start-up of the heliport:

Project to improve operations in Primaflor warehouses

Initial analysis of the supply chain situation to identify priority actions and their implementation: Definition of the ground rules, construction and implementation of a comprehensive control panel, activation of the claims management system, suitability analysis and impact of pre-sorting prior to packaging and optimization of picking processes for the preparation of mixed pallets, design and construction of specific tools that help in decision-making in the day-to-day operation and other additional actions that allow to increase productivity in the manufacture of pallets and improve the quality of the processes

Lleida-Alguaire Airport (2004-2010)

Project and Construction Management of the New Airport. First airport developed by the Generalitat of Catalonia. Drafting of projects and Direction of the work. Coordination, supervision and inspection of commissioning.

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